Thursday, May 27, 2010

The best weight loss exercise

Say that life is movement, the following list of several campaigns, in addition to weight loss, they also greatly beneficial to health.

The best weight loss exercise - swimming

When you're trying to lose weight and try to make weight will not bounce back, insist on the elimination of excess fat to swim very effective. Generally speaking, any aerobic exercise Jieyou weight loss, but better hands and feet movement. The energy consumption of swimming great body, help eliminate health problems such as warts.

The best brain exercise - jumping

Bounce is a systemic activity, can enhance blood circulation, better blood flow to the brain, which supply the brain more oxygen. Meanwhile, the spring reaction of the brain thinking is more active, agile.

Case of children skipping, skipping activities enable them to abstract the actual number of things, which makes the child to a preliminary understanding of the meaning and the formation of the actual number of number concepts.

When skipping the number of self-hop can stimulate the brain's thinking, through the information back and forth to and from, accelerate the promotion of the brain thought to make more accurate judgments. Older people often do jumping exercise, can significantly reduce mental decline, thereby reducing the risk of dementia too.

The best anti-myopia sports - table tennis

Important cause of myopia is caused by eyestrain. People who work long been engaged in close, because the lens is always in a high degree of state regulation, so that pressure of extraocular eye muscles, and in time will gradually longer axial length, induced myopia.

Table tennis, the ciliary muscle from shuttling back and forth with the table tennis to relax and contract, can promote the blood supply of the eye structure and metabolism, thereby to eliminate or reduce eye fatigue, improve vision, to play the role of prevention of myopia .