Monday, May 10, 2010

Acupuncture weight loss of five points you should know ( Part 2 )

3. A reasonable fee and course of treatment.

A course is usually a month, twice a week, 10 times or so, two or three courses, the usually suspended for a month or two, to point break. Health insurance will not pay for such beauty style health care, therefore required to pay, a charge of 400 to 500 yuan.

Have been satisfied if, under the weight reduction can be stopped at any time without the need to "needles", the so-called income is from the needle into a 5-pin 4-pin, 3 pin, 2 pin, a needle, and finally do not need any fixing needle. Experienced practitioners pointed out that this is all sorts of excuses that patients return to clinic, is unnecessary.

4. Do not expect speed reducer efficiency, avoid complex fat is the key.

Acupuncture weight loss and other weight loss methods, have to continue, slow and steady conduct. Not particularly obese people, skinny 2 ~ 4 kg a month is normal, in reducing body weight after 10%, to rest one or two months, so that the new memory melon head weight, or weight off too fast, the brain too late adjustment and memory, it is easy and fat again.

5. Maintain a normal diet or a set of quantitative food.

Some practitioners suggested that acupuncture to maintain a normal diet during the period, so as to determine whether acupuncture is not reduced by the lower weight, otherwise normal diet, will quickly become fat. "Fresh set of quantitative, slowly" is another key to eating slowly, so blood sugar up, enough time to notify the central brain of the full sense, will not have to eat, until there has been excessive when satiety.