Monday, May 31, 2010

Weight loss diet to follow certain rules

Weight loss diet to follow certain rules, or you go on a diet to lose weight no matter how useless, the following seven rules to help you lose weight successfully open the door to quickly learn it.

Rule number one: eat some breakfast

Do not have time to eat breakfast is not an excuse to drink a cup of skim milk or eat boiled eggs can be a word, do not let the stomach empty. Breakfast should be more milk, eggs, foods with high nutritional value, but also eat vegetables and fruit.

The consequences of failing to observe the rules: do not eat breakfast, the next meal will eat more, but more fat intake is easy. Also, because the long interval between meals, your body will send signals of hunger, when the re-feeding, the more easily converted to fat storage.

Rule number two: eight full lunch

Based on health considerations, it is appropriate to eat eight full; based on weight considerations, eating seven full it should be.

Chinese eat very difficult to control appetite, experience their favorite dishes will always eat particularly large, and very easy to eat too. Way to Western-style meals, all vegetable species, components mounted on the same plate, so as to achieve nutritional balance, but also easy to control food intake, if meals and then slow down the speed it is easy to get a sense of satiety, can be avoided eat too much.

The consequences of failing to observe the rules: what they want to eat what to eat, picky eaters, or often eat noodles, it is easy to intake of too much starchy food, usually soup noodles there are many marinade or oil, that's great, but to lose weight enemy.

Because the body's physiological mechanisms to a geometric to count the words, the body must issue an energy to consume protein foods to the energy consumption of 0.8 starchy foods, to 0.7 in the energy consumption of fat to food, eating too much starch and fat, the body will naturally reduce the metabolic rate.