Friday, May 21, 2010

The so-called water jogging

Fitness means thousand kinds, which one is best for you? May wish to try jogging in water. This is today a new U.S. fitness. Medical experts said, jogging in the water body can be evenly distributed load, not only weight loss fitness, but also beneficial to the body's recovery after injury, the benefits of lots.

The so-called water jogging, water depth of 1.5 m is chosen to 2 meter pool, a floating band tied around his waist, so they can keep the body vertically standing water, do not worry forward, they are able to concentrate on training. Movement, feet touching the ground, head and shoulders

Bladder out of the water; hands mimic the action running: arm bent 90 degrees to the shoulder axis, before and after the wave, point fingers do not break the surface; knees and hips parallel to that height, then step down. In this way, no matter which direction movement, the resistance will be encountered in water, so as to achieve a balanced body muscles have been the effect of exercise. If you want to increase the amount of exercise, you can also expedite the speed of hands and feet dance, resistance in the water help burn more fat. After this movement, heart and muscle have been tempered, and will experience a massage like feeling of comfort.