Friday, May 21, 2010

Water jogging can also help the rehabilitation of sports injuries

Jogging in water than land-based training more efficient. As the water density and thermal conductivity ratio of air large, people in the water consumption of more energy than land. Test showed that the water stays at 12 degrees Celsius 4 minutes out of the heat emitted, equivalent at the same temperature, the distribution of land, 1 hour out of the heat. In addition, the water resistance of the air 12 times, ran 45 minutes in the water, the equivalent of running two hours on land. At the same time, intensity exercise, in the water than on land, much more energy consumption, which depends on the energy supply of sugar and fat consumption of the body to supplement, by this method can gradually lose excess body fat . Therefore, water jogging, particularly suitable for obese persons. Medical experts also recommended that people in the abdomen and legs can be a very good water resistance training, women want to lose weight jogging in the water, not only can get rid of excess abdominal fat, but also so that the legs become slender.

Water jogging can also help the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Some players had to stop training after the injury. And if the way to restore the water jogging training, both to avoid further injury, while not stop the exercise.