Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bedtime exercise, lazy most effective weight loss

The exercise without equipment, simple, as long as there spare time, you can exercise anytime, anywhere.

Curl-ups: arms crossed hug his chest, legs bent, heel 30-50 cm away from the hips, feet flat, toes hooked along the bottom of furniture, upper back flat;-up of the trunk and head forward, try to touch the toe hook with furniture. 1 minute in force continuously repeated.

To sit on a protrusion: sitting on the bed, legs stretched forward level, close together, heel 13 cm apart, feet withstand wall, his hands reach, try to touch the wall. Note that the knee can not bend, not excessive force, the muscles relax as much as possible, for 5 seconds.

3 minutes Jumping: on the floor put a small stool or a bundle of newspapers, about 30 cm high, first the right foot on the bench, left foot, the then exchange places at the same time --- the left foot pedal stool, the right foot, the so alternately, do 24 times per minute.

Push-ups: knees the ground, legs cocked, head to the knee kept straight, palms stretched flat, fingers forward, below the support at the shoulder, the palm from the shoulder width. And then touch the ground with chest volts, then to the arm straight up with your arms.