Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer of five weight loss methods recommended method

1, do not use dumplings, steamed buns, pastries, snacks and other added fats, sugar or meat instead of rice and bread made of food staples, as they steamed bread and rice than the much higher heat, more fattening.

2, using tofu instead of animal food.

3, with chicken and fish instead of pork. Chicken low fat high protein content, but also lean pork with fat up to 25%, 30% row of flesh and blood as much as 40%.

4, if using potatoes and sweet potato as a dish or snack, it should reduce the number of staple foods, because they also contain starch.

5, often eat kelp, mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, konjac and other dishes, their own low heat, also has filled the role, can make the stomach feel full, beneficial to weight loss.