Monday, May 10, 2010

Acupuncture weight loss of five points you should know ( Part 1 )

No diet, no exercise, acupuncture, diet increasingly being popular. But acupuncture weight loss in five key points you should know. In the end what does? The following network Xiaobian beauty come to you about.

1. Assessment that he is not able to do acupuncture to lose weight?

The doctor suggested, there are several people do not do acupuncture for weight loss: chronic illness or frail people, people afraid of the pain or the fear of needles, bleeding tendency or a bleeding person.

In addition, pregnant women should not be, because of pregnancy when nutrition does not fit easily acupuncture treatment. And children under the age should not be, because they fear needles, but also more than likely a good move, tamper with will affect the angle and depth of the needle, of course, will also affect the efficacy, resulting in pain.

2. To find qualified practitioners

Fully trained and licensed practitioners, can not bar the wrong needle, causing injury. There will be the wrong needle bar pneumothorax, dyspnea, and getting worse. If binding to the organs such as kidneys, hematuria occurs. If binding to the tendon or nerve, then there will be pain.

In addition, we must look familiar to doctors of acupuncture weight loss, there will be more experienced and skilled medical techniques and acupoints acupuncture treatment experience, to play a good effect.