Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greedy coup for women to lose weight

1. You want to eat meat to lose weight it

If the intake of some protein meal can be the case, their metabolism speeds up. Note, however, the protein levels of control in each meal accounted for 20% -35%, the total level is more appropriate. Because excess protein can cause an excessive burden on the spleen, but cause fat accumulation.

2. Tuna can make people lose weight

We must recognize an important principle: people who regularly eat fish, in the body, "Lai Puting" (a hormone) levels lower, while the high level of "Lai Puting" with slow metabolism, and obesity. Therefore, eat 3-4 times a week salmon, tuna fish, like can significantly increase metabolic rate.

3. To point peanut butter every day

Do you think peanut butter is easy to gain weight? The fact is that so? In fact, the peanut butter content, especially rich in magnesium, and magnesium is an effective way to speed up the metabolism of minerals. Every day, the body needs 320 mg of magnesium involved, but a wipe with eating whole wheat peanut butter sandwich (containing 100 mg magnesium), or 100 grams of spinach (containing 80 mg of magnesium), there will be a day of magnesium required.